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The 1st-century Jewish-Roman historian Josephusin Antiquities of the Jews Book 1, chapter 6, was among the first of many who attempted to assign known ethnicities to some of the names listed in Genesis chapter His assignments became the basis for most later authors, and were as follows: Hippolytus of Romein his Diamerismos c. While Genesis 10 was covered extensively by numerous Christian, Jewish and Muslim scholars over many centuries, the phrase "Table" of nations only appeared and became popular in English from the s. But the tradition of Hellenistic Jewish identifications of the ancestry of various peoples, which concentrates very much on the East Mediterranean and the Near East and is described below, became stretched and its historicity questioned.. The written language that the kingdom's political elite used is referred to as Urartian , which appears in cuneiform inscriptions in Armenia and eastern Turkey. It is unknown what language was spoken by the peoples of Urartu at the time of the existence of the kingdom, but there is linguistic evidence of contact between the proto-Armenian language and the Urartian language at an early date sometime between the 3rd—2nd millennium BC , occurring prior to the formation of Urartu as a kingdom. The kingdom rose to power in the mid-9th century BC, but went into gradual decline and was eventually conquered by the Iranian Medes in the early 6th century BC. The geopolitical region would re-emerge as Armenia shortly after. Being heirs to the Urartian realm, the earliest identifiable ancestors of the Armenians are the peoples of Urartu. The name Urartu Armenian: Urashtu ; Hebrew: The name Kingdom of Van Urartian: Other Urartian toponyms and words went through the same sound change as the Armenian language spread throughout the region and absorbed them see Erebuni and Erevan. In the 6th century BC, with the emergence of Armenia in the region, the name of the region was simultaneously referred to as variations of Armenia and Urartu.

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Drift around the labyrinth of lanes of the former Arab and Jewish quarters, peering into the courtyards of grand medieval mansions. Many others regard the list as part of Jewish folk legend.

Araxa Jewish Personals
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