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After the Battle of Lepanto, the Muslim-Christian borders remained for the most part untouched until the Great War of Europe began to change after the Reformation.. The Rosary is a powerful weapon, as today's feast illustrates. That title was not given. It was earned, years ago. On October 7, , two enormous fleets, one Muslim and one Catholic, would collide in a gigantic naval battle off the coast of Greece. The fight would involve , men, and would later come to be recognized as the most decisive naval battle in the 2, years that preceded it. Not since Salamis had the entire fate of Europe hinged on a single naval engagement. In , the dreaded Ottoman Empire hung like the sword of Damocles over Christian civilization. Centered in Anatolia what is now Turkey , the Ottomans, a dynasty of the Muslim Turkic people from Central Asia, succeeded in delivering the deathblow to what remained of the Roman Empire, completely overrunning Byzantium and setting up shop in the former capitol of that great civilization: The Turks never left, and occupy this land to this day. The fall of Constantinople was just the overture.

Many banners wafted at Lepanto. Perhaps the most literate remembrance is that of Cervantes who fought heroically at Lepanto despite a severe fever and wounds; later he was able to write Don Quixote with his right hand, the left being totally useless after October 7. Not to diminish the Battle of Baltimore, the Battle of Lepanto ranks as one of the greatest sea battles of all time, and in one sense it was the most important.

Read reviews that mention battle of lepanto siege of malta ottoman empire empires of the sea roger crowley well written control of the mediterranean highly recommend malta and the battle sixteenth century center of the world time period knights of st john took place rhodes and malta holy roman like a novel roman empire western europe north africa. InSuleiman the Magnificent, Muslim ruler of the Ottoman Empire at the height of its power, dispatched an invasion fleet to the Christian island of Rhodes. At Lepanto, Christians and Turks engaged in a naval bloodbath that decisively stemmed the Islamic tide.

Inat Lepanto, in the gulf between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese, the fleets of the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League clashed in the final great battle between oared fighting ships. The Battle of Lepanto was the outstanding military event in a sixteenth century marked by constant warfare, and the greatest single battle ever fought between crescent and cross. The Muslims lost out of their warships and about 20, men. On the morning of 7 Octoberat the mouth of a gulf in western Greece, the fleets of the Muslim Ottoman Empire and the Roman Catholic Holy League collided in the last great battle ever to be fought between oared fighting ships. Yet between these episodes - even at times in the midst of them - Muslims and Christians traded and associated with each other without any inherent animosity. Many believe that it changed the balance of power in the Mediterranean forever, and turned back a Muslim tide that threatened to engulf Europe. Crescent and Cross: The Battle of Lepanto Like New.

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One very interesting fact, relatively unknown, is that inone year before Lepanto, a large offensive ecloded in India against the Portuguese East Indian empire. If the battle at Lepanto did not crush Turkish expansion then what other major event stopped them then? Lepanto is a huge deal for the West, I can't believe you are saying that If the mighty Turkish empire win that battle, Italy is left vulnerable and in time the Turks would have taken Italy and the rest of Europe. Europeans already had a fair play of the western european, and I'd think that Lepanto would make more of a different to the Eastern part than the western. But this fleet never made it to India, having problems on the way they had to stop in Moca until November, when it was again ready but shortly before they set sail, news come from the mediterranean reporting the major defeat of the Sultans force at Lepanto. If there was more than one Battle of Lepanto, I can see why the year would be included, but I can't seem to find any mention of another battle of the same name. At Lepanto, 25 large galleys of the Ottoman empire whare absent, this was the Portuguese contribution to the war efort. I am writing a paper for school, the thesis being that Lepanto wasn't such a big deal as it is played out to be. Even so, the Islamic terror bombers who just a few years ago killed more than a hundred commuters in Madrid did so they announced to avenge the Spanish "Reconquista" of For Islam, to lose a territory once Muslim is to incur a religious obligation to wrest it back.

Lepanto Muslim Singles
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